PIBC Summer 2016!

It is always a great joy to see a church that is engaging and involved!

This past summer, we have been blessed with creative and active minds that left us with too many to count activities occurring almost every week. And although they were truly hectic and tiring affairs, we all enjoyed our refreshing time of fellowship as we reflected on our God's goodness. 


Here are some highlights of PIBC's Summer of 2016:



Our first ever movie night was a fundraiser event for the church and to help the community spend time as a family, and learn about the word of God through stories and media cinematic. It was also a way for members to invite friends, family, new Christians, and others to let them know about our faith and our God. There were twenty people in attendance and $80 of funds were raised. As we move into our new building, we plan on making this a casual event, occurring at least two to three times each year as an evangelical tool to help bring non-believers to God and also continue to bring the church community together.



This year's youth-led concert explored the theme of brokenness - about how God can mightily and continuously use His people through their imperfection and brokenness. It was a wonderful night of collaboration and fellowship as we partnered with other churches in organising this concert. More importantly, we were able to witness several people who have decided to accept Christ as their Lord and Saviour that night, This concert also raised funds for those who were affected by the Fort McMurray wildfire, in which we have collected a generous donation of $389.70 from everyone who attended. Once again, we would like to thank those who participated and volunteered for making this a valuable and exciting night for everyone. We hope to see you again soon!



On June 10 to 12, 2016 at Upper Canada, the PIBC Family Camp was another great and wonderful experience to all who attended. Together we explored and heard the preaching of Pastor Kevin and Bro. Marvin regarding the spiritual gifts that every believer has. We learned about our need to discover and use these gifts for the glory of God. From the prayer room, the workshop, the talents show, the worship service, the group devotion, the spiritual inventory, the camp fire, the food and the testimonies, this year’s family camp was truly a remarkable event that we pray every camper won’t forget. To God be the Glory, great things He has done.



One of the highlights of the Men’s Fellowship Activities for this year is the Men’s + Family Hiking & Fun Day held last August 6, 2016 at Crawford Lake Trails, Milton, Ontario. The event started with a morning devotion led by Pastor Kevin followed by a hike in three different trails.  It was a wonderful experience with lots of fun, fellowship, singing and photos as each group, family and friends explore, encounter and appreciate the wonderful and glorious creation of our Lord. After the very exhausting hike, everyone enjoyed the bountiful foods and barbecue of all kinds, humbly prepared by Pastor Kevin - chef of the day. Of course, the day has not been completed without the fun games.  The men & children enjoyed patintero, a common, traditional Filipino game.  There was also badminton, volleyball, the men’s longest line game and sungka. Truly, it was a fun filled day as everyone shared each moment as one big family.


Interchurch volleyball tournament

PIBC's first Inter-church volleyball was a success thanks to all the support from our church and answered prayers from God. On Saturday, August 13, seven churches gathered together for some fun, fellowship, and friendly competition. We were able to raise around $200 for future evangelical events. Our goal for this event was to better and create more friendships with other churches and to raise funds for future Youth and CnC (College and Career) evangelism events. God willing, we will continue to have more events with other churches in the future.