The 2017 Challenge

Made any plans for a New Year's Resolution yet?
Here are some challenges to start your year of 2017:


Warm-up: The Bose Challenge

  1. Find a place you don’t know.
  2. Concentrate on a verse/song.
  3. Enjoy the next 10 minutes with God. Walk for God. Skate for God.

The Four Week Challenge

Who are 12 people that you’ve always wanted to talk to (or share about your faith)?
Who's the first person on your list?

In January, you're going to:

  1. 1st week: Pray for that person (“Soften *person*’s heart)
  2. 2nd week: Contact that person (Let them know you’ve been praying)
  3. 3rd week: Meet that person (or Skype) (Tell them about your faith)
  4. 4th week: Thank that person

Next Steps: In December, challenge someone else to do it as well.

Ways to Improve your Life

  • Pause: Before getting into worship, before doing something that you regret, before you make a decision

  • Re-centering: Re-center yourself whenever you're having nasty thoughts

  • Genuine Prayer: Getting really into worship before studying is great

  • Podcasts: Integrating more Bible in your daily life

  • Lock screen Verses: isplay verses from sermons on your phone lock screen to memorize them