June 2017 Activities

Inter-church Volleyball Tournament 2017

On June 30th, the Genesis youth group hosted the annual Church Volleyball Tournament for the first time. Gideon was assigned to plan and coordinate this event along with Johna Padilla and Jacob Nayre. The volleyball tournament was facilitated at the Canlan Spotsplex. The church teams were put into two brackets. Depending on the church's preference, they could choose to play in the casual (recreational) bracket or the competitive bracket.

The church that came out as champions in the casual bracket was the New Life in Christ team. And for the competitive bracket, Mississauga Family Baptist Church (MFBC) won the championship. In total, the tournament lasted for about 5 to 6 hours.

The devotion was led by our very own Bro. Marvin. He shared about the priorities of a Christian believer, and how they are filtered down to two things: family and God. Sometimes we get caught up with life that we neglect our relationship with God and our families. Bro. Marvin emphasized that at the end of the day, we must not ask ourselves how much money we made, but how much time we spent deepening our relationship with God and family. Overall, everyone who joined us had fun and was blessed in many ways.

See you again next year!


Missions Teleconference 

On June 23rd, PIBC hosted their first ever Missionaries Video Conference (with 22 people in attendance). Three groups of people from different organizations, who are all currently leading ministries in the Philippines, had kindly taken the time to share their experiences with us. Our speakers for the evening were Pastor Godfrey and Gloria Catanus, whose ministry is currently training pastors and workers from various churches around the Philippines; Bro. Carlito Quila, who is currently involved in urban street ministry; and Pastor Paul Penarroyo, who is a campus ministry leader.

As people who have been serving in ministry for many years, they each described their fields as both challenging yet rewarding. They also expressed their need for prayer as different aspects of their work require many needs and support. And yet, they also showed us that by remaining faithful and patient, they were able to see how God mightily provides and works for them. 

It was definitely a huge encouragement as we were also presented with opportunities on how we can serve and support their ministries as individuals and as a church. Please continue to pray for our missionaries serving around the world. To learn more, visit our Missions page.


The Apollos Project Seminars


On June 10th and 17th, Pastor Roy Versoza conducted seminars on Hermeneutics & Exegenesis (the 10th), and The Book of Revelations (the 17th). His sessions were both very educational and eye-opening as it challenged us as a church to be active on our pursuit for sharing the Word of God. We hope to partner with The Apollos Project once again and see more of these seminars in the future.